Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Time

I'm doin it!
After almost 6 years of being with Kevin , and doing everything possible to mess it up
he has decided to marry me . Now for those of you that know me , well you know i am gonna make this a HUGE event but on a reasonable budget Well reasonable to me is a little more then what kev thinks ;)!!
I will keep you all updated on my wedding plans month by month .
And I will be on Wild 101 fm in idaho every thursday morning with Rick Moorten & the wild wake up show talking about planning the wedding and how crazy it gets and just drama ! ! :)
it will be AMAZING!
every Thursday @ 8:50 am
on Rick Moorten & the wild wake up show
on Wild 101
P.S Kev there is no turning back now YOUR mine ;)

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