Monday, November 2, 2009


Sometimes you go a lifetime without finding that one person that can truly connect with you.
Well in my case i did. Alot of times you hear people saying omg we are so much alike, we like the same color and tv shows,Well in this case OMG we are alike.
Not with our favorite colors,cuz we both like 2 diff one's ,and we have only 2 shows in common
It's more then those things.We connect on a higher level emotionally.
No we are not lovers but if i was gonna go gay i would def try and make her mine ;)
She just has a way to always make me feel like life will be OK.
She calls me everyday when she wakes up, that may not be alot to you.
But to me, well it makes my day. I have 2 other bff's and i love them just as much.
But i dunno ,Emily just gets me unlike nobody else.
She never judges me and she is not afraid to tell me when i am wrong.
I tell her EVERYTHING.
I don't do that with anyone else , and probably never will.
All i know is the day i walked into sugar daddy's i knew we were meant to be best Friends.
Thank you Emily for calling me everyday ,never judging me , and always having time for me :)
I love you Putita.

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