Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Father of mine PART2

As most of you know my relationship with my father is pretty much a shitty situation.
Well after writing him a letter bitchen about how i feeel about him,
he decided to step up and be a dad!
Last Sunday we arranged a lil visit! i was there for a week and ooooh boy did i have fun!
I got to see almost all my brothers except for Dustin.
got to meet all the girl friends :)
and umm drank till i knocked out and ate my dads famous BBQ !
now for the most part it was fun. but............
its never a visit to my dads without sum drama!
Like myself my father is bipolar and well he can be a dick .
he would randomly talk shit to me,Ana (step mom) and my brother Dylan's gf.
i normally scream at him for being a dick but hey, i was trying to keep the peace.
but i couldn't help myself.
i had to correct him . and of course he got mad.
but whatever.
OH! and did i mention he would call me @ 11pm and ask when i would be coming home!
LMFAO! he has never been my daddy figure and now i am 24 yrs old and he wants to
question when i am gonna be home????! NOT COOL!
How is he gonna try and tell me what to do and when to be home , when he has only been in my life for a total of 3 yrs. !
So of course we fought about that!LOL
but out of the whole vacation i did meet one little lady that truly melted my heart :)
Devon! my lil brothers girl friend!
she was soo sweet and every morning would come and talk to me while i was hung over ! hahaha
she is a doll and i cant wait to see her again this summer!
well the plan is to visit my dad this summer....
but umm i wont hold my breathe! i will just hope it actually happens.
here are sum more pitures of my trip!

Step mom Ana