Wednesday, December 23, 2009

miss u mama

Well as u must know my mother passed away this January.
she like every hott celeb died this year,
January 19Th 2009
She was my heart.
my soul.
my world.
She wont be there for my wedding. and well.... it tears me apart.
i don't even want a wedding if she is not in it.
she was suppose to walk me down the aisle ..
BUT she wont be there...
so what do i do?????
Who walks me down the aisle???
NOT my real dad!! cuz like everyone else in this world my real dad sux!
but ummm... maybe my aunt??
well this is another problem i'm goin thru so hopefully i figure it out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Oh man
Well its safe to say that i cant keep my mind on one thing for the life of me!
everything from where i want to have my wedding and dress style is changing up!
the colors are the same ,but as it comes down to putting $$$ down i am trying to be smart about this! As much as i want everything to go my way or the high way i cant help but wanting to go BROKE!
I dunno we will see but as this year is coming to an end i have to put my payment down
on a place b4 my day gets taken by another bridzilla !!
will i be smart and save money?
or be the irresponsible Jo as always ???
We will soon find out!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tatted Bride

Soooo i guess i have to many tattoos...
i only have 13 :/
But Kevin says its time to STOP!
umm well if ya know me ,ya know i HATE being told what to do !!!
I am not even half way done with the work i want done to MY body!!
He says our wedding pictures are gonna look trashy if i keep getting more!
Oh well this is who i am! I cant help it!!!
I don't tell him what he can and cannot do with his body so i expect the same respect BACK!
oooh boy i am ready for a vacation and I'm not even close to being done planning this wedding
and already he is giving me such a hard time about EVVVVERYTHING!!!
Oh well .... wish me luck!