Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Father of mine PART2

As most of you know my relationship with my father is pretty much a shitty situation.
Well after writing him a letter bitchen about how i feeel about him,
he decided to step up and be a dad!
Last Sunday we arranged a lil visit! i was there for a week and ooooh boy did i have fun!
I got to see almost all my brothers except for Dustin.
got to meet all the girl friends :)
and umm drank till i knocked out and ate my dads famous BBQ !
now for the most part it was fun. but............
its never a visit to my dads without sum drama!
Like myself my father is bipolar and well he can be a dick .
he would randomly talk shit to me,Ana (step mom) and my brother Dylan's gf.
i normally scream at him for being a dick but hey, i was trying to keep the peace.
but i couldn't help myself.
i had to correct him . and of course he got mad.
but whatever.
OH! and did i mention he would call me @ 11pm and ask when i would be coming home!
LMFAO! he has never been my daddy figure and now i am 24 yrs old and he wants to
question when i am gonna be home????! NOT COOL!
How is he gonna try and tell me what to do and when to be home , when he has only been in my life for a total of 3 yrs. !
So of course we fought about that!LOL
but out of the whole vacation i did meet one little lady that truly melted my heart :)
Devon! my lil brothers girl friend!
she was soo sweet and every morning would come and talk to me while i was hung over ! hahaha
she is a doll and i cant wait to see her again this summer!
well the plan is to visit my dad this summer....
but umm i wont hold my breathe! i will just hope it actually happens.
here are sum more pitures of my trip!

Step mom Ana

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catch Me

With Rick Moorten on Wild 101 fm
every Thursday morning @ 8:50
if your in the treasure valley aka Idaho lol
It was to talk about the wedding but now its to talk just cuz he cant get enough of ME!!
How can u resist that face ;)

Theirs no place like HOME

SO i was on a lil vacation last week and it was
Got to see tons of friends,
it was soo fun!
I think i was sober maybe 1 day! lol
- Bobby fresh for hookin it up with the shirts and movies!
annnnd all the damn DRINK! hehehe

-Christina (shew) for hookin me up with the ff necklace and comin out to the club with her umbrella

-Mizz Amber for being so damn FABULOUS
-Oscar for giving me kisses :)

-My bff's for the great times!

-Tia Alba for the damn good food! and family

and all of you that came out for Kev's b-day :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nails Did

So the best part of my vacation so far other then
and the best part MY NAILS!!!!!
are they not fabulous !!!!
You all know how in love i am with Hello Kitty
and the lovely Adrian Gomez *623-670-1196*
can hook you up for a very reasonable price!!!
He is not only talented but very fun and keeps it trill!
thanks to the www.thefreshfiends.com
for posting his work on there page ! or else i never would of known him!
sooo i know where I'll be going every visit i make!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry friends haven't updated my blog in a week,
but umm well ..... what can i say I'm in Arizona BITCH!
I'll be posting up my trip pictures soon!
next week the bestie will be in DaHoe so after my 2 week vacation i Will have the whole scoop :)
gonna have tons of juicy stories and best part .......
love u all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

father of mine....

recently i wrote my "father" a letter,
a letter expressing my feelings on his absence in my life.
I let him have it.
i let him have it sooo good!
Asking questions like:
why do you hate me?
what did i do to you?
better yet why did u make me only my moms responsibility???
why do you love all your other kids more then me?
blah blah blah it keeps going but that's the basics .
I put it into the mailbox all confident and feeling strong!
Even a bit relieved.
can you guess what happened next?
i bet you cant cuz i still cant,
I got a phone call, and when i answered it , it was who better then my DAD!
I'm sure u can only imagine my heart beating fast and my hands shacking with surprise!
But it was him.
He called to say how this year he wants to make things right with me .
How sorry he is for always making me feel unloved.
and how he wants to be close with his grandson.
I at this point am so EXCITED cuz i have not heard his voice in so long.
i don't even know what to say.
at one point he said he was waiting for me to call him.
funny cuz i didn't have his # so i don't understand how he thought i could call him.?
so our conversation was nothing long but b$ i know it we say good bye ...
and i didn't mention anything about the letter.
I was scared!
but apart of me still wanted him to get it so he could see how i really feel
since i didn't have the courage to say it on the phone....
Well i sent the letter over a week ago and i haven't heard anything from him since.
oh well maybe it got lost. :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gotta get like Barbie

So its the year of my wedding...
oh boy!
and i have been at the gym everyday !
weekends are my days of rest,but i still go hard all week!
My goal is to lose 15 pounds and keep it off for wedding .
the holidays are over and its time to get down to business!
I am worrying about my image more then i am about actually picking a place!!
yes, that's right i still haven't made up my mind :/
i better hurry befor i find myself going thru drive thru wedding in Vegas...
I'm hitting up the wedding party next week and hope to get some more good ideas!
hopefully after going to that I'll have a better understanding of what needs to be done and fast!
but until then I'll keep hitting up that gym
I gotta get like barbie :)