Wednesday, December 23, 2009

miss u mama

Well as u must know my mother passed away this January.
she like every hott celeb died this year,
January 19Th 2009
She was my heart.
my soul.
my world.
She wont be there for my wedding. and well.... it tears me apart.
i don't even want a wedding if she is not in it.
she was suppose to walk me down the aisle ..
BUT she wont be there...
so what do i do?????
Who walks me down the aisle???
NOT my real dad!! cuz like everyone else in this world my real dad sux!
but ummm... maybe my aunt??
well this is another problem i'm goin thru so hopefully i figure it out!

1 comment:

  1. AWwww...joeyy!! you dont have to look anymore!!!! DEVON'S HERE!!! i would love to walk you down the isle!!! hahaaaa..... just throwing it out there....


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