Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drugs are for LOSERS

Well Tomorrow will be my 1 year sober.Wow,let me just start by saying it hasn't been easy. but the longer it is that I've used the stronger i get. I started using when i was 12. all up until i was 18 and then off and on from there.My life was so shitty because of drugs.I missed out on so damn much. I blamed everyone for my addiction and i never looked at myself and realized it's all ME , and I don't need this. I am so lucky to still be alive. People using as long as i did end up dead or locked up.My biggest excuse was I'm only using to get skinny.LOL well then it just got to the point where i loved it . It took me years to open my eyes but i have a my fiance and some family members to thank for never giving up on me. I am sober and feeling on top of the world. i am so lucky i never ended up looking like ne of these ladies

But shit i wasn't looking to hot myself after awhile.

Fuck that shit NEVER AGAIN, I got to much to lose.

If you struggle with addiction just get HELP! if I can do it anyone can!

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  1. your a bad 1 pretty lady!

    drugs r for suckers!!

    woop for you! xo


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